For form and function, custom shelving can’t be beat. Custom shelving contributes to the feel and functionality of your home or business, cutting down on clutter and allowing style, which store-bought options cannot compare.

Visual Appeal

Custom shelving offers a wide variety of style options. For a dramatic, eye-catching look, nothing says “breathtaking” like a glass custom shelf configuration.


Custom shelving is the perfect organizational and design solution for any space in your home or business. Glass Doctor can help you design the perfect shelves for any room, from closets to kitchens, offering advice to help you determine your many shelving options:
  • Style and design: To enhance ambiance.
  • Height and configuration: To avoid wasted space.
  • Number of shelves and distances between shelving: To avoid overpowering your room or the creation of storage snafus (items that are too tall or large to fit onto shelves).
  • Glass, tinting and color options:  To match your personal style and needs.
Don’t settle for store-bought shelving.  Contact Bradford Glass for your free, professional consultation today.