Automotive Glass by Bradford Glass – Limited Lifetime Warranty

Auto Glass Replacement:

Replacement Auto Glass sold and installed by Bradford Glass is of course warranted for any mistreatment of the vehicle during your time with us and the small amount of time on the road. This is included for as long as the purchaser owns or leases the vehicle and the problem has not been caused by a defect in the vehicle, including, but not limited to corrosion. We do not charge or add on installation fees here at Bradford Glass. Not only this, but we are more than happy to install it from you at no charge. If there are any water leaks, please inform Bradford glass within 30 days of installations for free repair and/or replacement.

Corrosion Abatement:

If we performed our corrosion abatement process (rust repair) during your auto glass replacement, the glass part’s seal is warranted to remain fully intact for 12 months up to 12,000 miles after the installation. Due to the rather pesty rust, we cannot fully guarantee the amount of time this will hold up. When corrosion is indicated, this warranty supersides previous warranties.

Windshield Stone Chip Repairs:

Windshield Stone Chip Repairs are guaranteed for as long as one might own or lease the vehicle. If you are disappointed in our work, the full amount of repairation can be credited towards another windshield or window in the same vehicle.

Automotive Mechanical Repairs and Accessories:

Bradford glass does not supply warranties on automotive parts other then glass are limited to those provided by the part manufacturer. Bradford Glass warrants our installation labor for non-glass parts for one year. Bradford will install, for no charge, warranty parts provided by the manufacturer within one year of the original installation – a labor charge may apply after one year. Please read General Provisions that apply to all warranties

General Provisions of all our Warranties

To seek remedy to one’s vehicle, one has to call Bradford Glass and arrange with our specialists for the right time and place within 30 days. Our warranties do not cover any additional damages that are not brought on by Bradford Glass (ex. personal damage, damage by the weather). All warranty work must be performed by Bradford Glass or a service provider designated by Bradford Glass. Costs and charges from another reparation service will not be reimbursed.. One can call 1-586-200-2373 to report any further damage. The customer must produce a Bradford Glass receipt or enough information to locate Bradford’s electronic record of the original service invoice. We provide no warranties that extend behind the face of. None of the warranties herein are transferable. Our liability shall not include any direct, consequential, or incidental losses or damages in states that allow this exclusion. This warranty will become void should breakage or damage of the replacement glass occur due to the misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, vandalism, theft, Acts of God, intentionally inflicted damage, or if the glass is serviced or any other work done other than by Bradford Glass. If our work does not satisfy you in any way feel free to call and report these issues. Our assets are our loyal customers.

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