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Here at Bradford Glass, our experts know that a crack in your windshield is an unnecessary hassle. With 23 locations and a mobile service, Bradford Glass offers a remedy to this unfortunate hassle. Traveling to your home or office, our experts will assess the damage and personally recommend the best option for you. Using only the most advanced material, the safety of you and your passengers is our top priority.

Windshield Replacement

One Call Handles It All

In one call, we can help you decide whether to file an insurance claim, verify deductibles, file the claim for you, give you pricing, and set an appointment for your windshield replacement or other glass repair one might need. We have direct lines into the insurance companies’ glass departments and can streamline the claims process – just have your policy info ready and give us a call.

“Go Where You Are” Mobile Service

Most auto glass can be safely replaced or repaired in any driveway or parking lot. If you don’t have the time to drop off your vehicle at our shop, we’ll send one of our certified, uniformed technicians to your home or office. For your protection, we conduct background checks of all installers.

Windshield Corrosion Abatement

Occasionally, removing a windshield reveals rust or corrosion on a vehicle’s pinch weld (windshield bonding surface). We cannot safely bond the new glass to a corroded surface until a suitable repair is made. For typical surface rust, we offer a corrosion abatement process that strips the corrosion from the surface then seals the bare metal with body primer. We can perform this repair on site for a fee determined by the extent of the corrosion. This repair carries a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Major corrosion damage including rust-through (holes) will require repair by a certified body shop.

Stone Chip Glass Repair

In most cases, stone chips in one’s window can be easily replaced. As a guiding rule, if you can cover the area of the crack in the windshield with a quarter, the damage is not detrimental. The repair process involves injecting a clear acrylic resin into the fracture. This way allows the class to bond back together and for the visual faults of the window be eliminated. In only 15-30 short minutes, it produces a lifetime of satisfaction. Most insurance companies will reimburse you for your payment on you windshield. This includes waiving any/all deductibles.

Power and Manual Windows / Window Track Repair

Our technicians are experts on the inner mechanics of your car’s operable door windows. We can diagnose and repair non-working windows at a significantly lower cost than a dealership, and our diagnostic fee gets credited towards the labor charge for your repair.

Tempered Glass – Doors, Vents, Sunroofs, and More

We don’t just do windshields! We can supply and replace any piece of glass in your car, often the same day. These installations receive the same attention to quality and are covered by the same lifetime warranty as our windshield replacements. If needed we will clean up the broken glass and cover the hole in your vehicle with a temporary plastic film at no extra charge.

Water Leak and Wind Noise Remediation

Corrosion, accidents, and body shop repairs can cause the seal between a glass part and vehicle body to fail. A seal failure often results in excessive wind noise or water leaks, which can cause even more damage to electronics and interiors. Most leaks can be fixed quickly, usually without the need to replace the glass.

Car Dealers, Body Shops, Fleet Managers

We have locations near your shop and installers on call, and we’re committed to providing timely, efficient service with competitive pricing. You’ll always have access to the local manager who oversees your account and is empowered to take any action that business demands. Pricing and invoicing procedures are tailored to meet your requirements.

Alpha Therm Heated Windshield Washer

The Alpha Therm Heated Windshield Washer cleans and de-ice’s your windshield in seconds. It will clear ice build up off wiper blades and extend wiper blade life. Aplha Therm will not crack glass and saves gas by reducing prolonged winter warm-ups. There are NO add on buttons because it works on existing vehicle washer switch and the heated windshield washer reduces nozzle clogging and improves spray. It also work great in summer to remove bugs.

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